Terms and Conditions

Non-Travel Agency Disclaimer and Terms of Use notice for Travel.ClubBarter.com

This is formal notice that the following terms are relevant when using but not limited to Travel.ClubBarter.com for booking accommodation via travel.clubbarter.com website.

Club Barter Limited is NOT a Travel Agent.

Club Barter is a Barter Trade Exchange and Online Marketing company that connects its members with each other to trade goods and services using Barter. Club Barter uses its website (clubbarter.com and its sub domains) to promote members goods and services to other members in accordance with the Member Agreement.

Club Barter only provides services to Club Barter Members (Member only Service).

Understanding and terms and conditions of the Club Barter accommodation booking process:

1.  A member logs on to Travel.ClubBarter.com (Members only Service)

2.  A member makes an online booking request that is sent to the accommodation provider to either approve or decline the booking, Club Barter has no involvement with this process other than providing the platform for the members to communicate.

3.  If the booking is approved then Club Barter will process the barter transaction between and on behalf of the members in accordance with Club Barter standard Terms and Conditions

4.  Any cash payments must be arranged between the Member and Accommodation Provider directly and are not processed by Club Barter.

5.  Both the Member and the Accommodation Provider are provided with direct contact details of the other party and must deal with each other directly as regards any information required or settlement of any dispute. Club Barter will not facilitate provisioning of additional information or in dispute resolution. The member must deal directly with the Accommodation Provider as Club Barter is in no way providing the Accommodation service to the member.

6.  Club Barter relies on information provided by the Accommodation Provider and as such accepts no liability whatsoever for the accuracy of the listing. To help members make informed decisions, direct links to the Accommodation Providers are provided, these often also include their website and / or social media.

8.  Club Barter is strictly introducing two Members in order for them to conduct a Barter Trade transaction and Club Barter is not paid a commission for providing this online Travel booking service.

9.  Accepted bookings are charged to the member making the booking immediately. No Refunds are permitted and no changes can be made using travel.clubbarter.com website. Members must agree any changes and / or resolve disputes directly and fully indemnify Club Barter to the fullest extent of the law in accordance with the Membership Agreement.

Full Member Terms and Conditions are agreed when the account is opened and can be found at https://www.clubbarter.com/index.php/agreement. Club Barter Privacy Policy can be found here: https://www.clubbarter.com/index.php/privacy-policy